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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Standing for peace, we are all one

Before heading off this morning with another grandmother to stand for peace in front of city hall, I ran across this video, We Are All One. It says everything we need to know about why standing for peace is so important, and it says it in a way that heals my soul, encourages my heart. May it do so for you.

Wherever you may be this morning, whatever you may do, take a few minutes to stand in silence for peace, with peace. Perhaps it will change your life as it is changing mine.

Breaking silence

Update 10:55 a.m.

We broke silence during our stand today, distracted in part by activity around us, then full of thoughts we were eager to share. I enjoyed the discussion, as I always do with Sharon.

I am also aware how much I missed the silence, how precious, now, the few minutes of quiet meditation on either side of our conversation. Not that it was off topic or disrespectful of our purpose, for it was neither, but that an hour of silence in that space, filled with intent to bring peace to our city and our world, grounds me. That grounding informs my entire week, is behind every decision I make, and gently settles me when I tend to flare.

So I'm thinking about silence, how I relish it, living in the city as I do, where the streets around me are seldom without noise. I'm thinking about the few times I have been in a gathering of several hundred people, all silent, not even a speaker to guide us; and the near silence of the woods, far from any town.

What do you know of silence? Have you found it useful at times? Have you experienced silence in a profound way? I would deeply appreciate your thoughts.

We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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Sharon said...

Every day we don't do what is right we lose an opportunity. Every moment I don't do what is right I lose an opportunity. What will I choose today....

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Silence can be an amazing thing. It can bring so much revelation, hope and endurance.

Great post.

Dee said...

Dear Kathryn,
Thank you for sharing this profound video. The statistic of 51 out of the 100 leading economic entities being corporations stunned me. And the narrator was so right that corporations are, in general, not concerned about nature or our environment. While the video was beautifully photographed, it was also frightening. Thank you again for sharing it.

As to silence. While in the convent for eight and a half years I learned the beauty of silence and how it brings forth in us a reverence for the spoken word and for the deep heart wish of all creation.


Kathryn Grace said...

Sharon, I love that, what you say about doing what is right. I am conscious how much better I feel when I listen and respond to that knowing, and how I feel a lack when I have chosen something easier--because ease is usually why I choose something that doesn't feel quite right. Thank you for the reminder.

Elizabeth, welcome to Building Ordinary! Like you, I find strength and hope in silence. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Dee, yes that statistic blew me away too. Fifty-one corporations have greater economic power than countries in this world. Astounding. And yes, the more I learn about the corporation-funded shadow government directing our public government, the deeper my concern that we can build a good world for generations to come. It is a primary reason I stand for peace each Saturday and pray that more and more people will join us.

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