Imagine the world without anger, without greed. We have the power, the tools, the skills and the resources right now to build a peaceful world, where people live in harmony with the Earth and each other. This blog explores ways we are doing just that, one post, one change, one day at a time. Join me. Tell your stories. Ask for help. Spread your ideas for making the vision real and, well, ordinary.


One day, I hope to earn my living writing, so I experiment from time to time with affiliate advertising on my blogs. Ads you see on my blogs have not yet, but may one day contribute to my income.

Currently, as an Amazon Associate, I post links to products on In the sidebar, I advertise products I feel strongly about, such as the reusable water bottles in my current ads. Within posts, when I mention a book, piece of music, or other item I have purchased or believe in, I sometimes post a link to the Amazon page for that item as well. If you follow that link and purchase something, it is possible I will earn a few pennies.

Like most commercial web sites, Amazon tracks people who visit their site. For information on how they track visitors from this blog, see the Associates Privacy Notice.

That's it for now. I'll update this as things change.

Last updated: 08/19/10


We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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