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Monday, December 5, 2011

What would happen if The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering came true?

Grove of pollarded trees behind us as we
stood for peace Saturday
© L Kathryn Grace
All rights reserved
On Saturday, Sharon and I stood for peace outside City Hall, our third week. Under the blue, blue San Francisco sky, we two stood in silence, each in our thoughts, glancing to smile at one another now and then. One thought flared again and again: What would happen if our numbers grew? If we became four? If four became eight, and eight sixteen? What would happen if Sharon Medhi's story, The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering: A Story for Anyone Who Thinks She Can't Save the World, came true?

What if next week, as we turned, stretching our backs to keep them from getting too stiff, we saw another woman standing, facing City Hall? Then, stretching our backs the other way, we saw a fourth woman, there, deep in the grove?

What if, the week after that, there were others, each standing alone, perhaps a few in pairs or threes, scattered about the Joseph B. Alioto Performing Arts Piazza? Some might stand near the north playground, its bright colors glistening purple and green in the sun. Some might stand on the grass, near the homeless people crawling from their sleeping bags and makeshift shelters into the sunlight.

What would they think about, all those women, and perhaps some men too? What would they contemplate as they stood, in silence, facing City Hall?

We are not alone in our quest. It is rare that I am near Golden Gate and Larkin on a Thursday afternoon, but last time I happened by, the people who stand for peace each Thursday were there. In a 2008 article titled Quiet Stand for Peace Each Week, several of the vigil keepers tell why they stand. The Gate quotes one, The Rev. Richard Schaper then of Grace Cathedral: "Some say, 'This is foolish; you can't change the world.' I understand that, but I do it to keep the world from changing me."

Actually, I hope I continue to be changed, as I have been changed standing for peace five minutes nearly every day; but I understand Reverand Schaper's sentiment. Standing for peace gives me a sense of equilibrium, a sense of balancing the fulcrum beneath me, that I might not succumb to the rage I feel at times, witnessing the devastation, pain and suffering that rampant greed and lust for power wreak in my community and across the world.

Standing for peace with Sharon gives me hope that we might yet build a better world for our grandchildren--and theirs. Deep within, at my very core, I know that when thousands of individuals join us in the piazza, join us in plazas all over the Earth, and stand in silence with visions of peace in their hearts, the vision of The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering will come true.

We stand for peace as part of Grandmothers for Peace San Francisco, which we initiated after an OccupySF peace meditation. You can read about our experience and why we started Grandmothers for Peace Occupy SF on Yes, we did Sit4Change.

12/7/2011: Edited typo in "Yes, we did Sit4Change," immediately above.

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