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Friday, December 9, 2011

Good News Friday: The Economics of Happiness

Having shared so much last week of a country--ours--gone obscenely wrong, I focused this week on making peace. All the while, more and more examples of injustice and horror played out daily across our land and around the world. At times, I lay down and wept. Then I saw Ordinary Hero Helena Norberg-Hodge speaking in this TED Talk video on The Economics of Happiness.

With the experience of one working on the ground for many years with the problems--hunger, violence, waste, poverty, unprecedented disease and illness, environmental degradation--created by corporate greed and globalization, Norberg-Hodge capsulizes much that is wrong with our world and offers proven solutions to fix it.

How she can do this in eighteen minutes should be no surprise in a TED Talk, but Norberg-Hodges' message, despite her uncharacteristic case of nerves, is captivating. May you take as much hope and heart from this video as I.

While we're on the subject of economics and happiness, you may enjoy this less than two minute Agenda Project video, Patriotric Millionaire's Message to Congress.

The good news is, we, meaning the world, already have systems in place that can grow a healthy, sustainable economy with plenty for all. What's more, there are among us many conscientious millionaires who are willing to pay their fair share in taxes and help us right here, in the former land of the free, do the right thing.

We don't need to live in a greed economy. We can build an economics of happiness.

Help me spread the word, will you? Tweet this, post it on your Facebook account, write your senators and representatives. I know. I know. That last can feel like tilting at windmills. If you've ever worked in politics, you know that every letter, email, every phone call is a tick mark in either one column or the other. Tick marks count more than you know.

We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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