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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Easy Green Steps: Clean your refigerator coils

According to, the simple act of dusting or vacuuming our refrigerator coils every six months will save around $19 on our annual energy bills and keep approximately 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

It's easy! I did mine awhile back, and it took ten minutes, tops, to pull the fridge from the wall, unplug it, suck up those dust bunnies and put everything back where I found it. I even vacuumed the floor under the fridge. Call me crazy, but I always feel good when I accomplish one of those nagging little chores. Do you?

Nineteen dollars won't buy a book or take you out to dinner. Small change? Sure, but look closely at the graphic above. See what the 1,441 people who have gone on record with this carbonrally refrigerator coil challenge have achieved? That's only a few of us!

We've saved nearly 107 tons, that's 214,000 pounds, of CO2 from our atmosphere. Still think it's small change in the overall pattern of wasted energy emissions? Sure it is. And when I get discouraged about what good one little old lady, can do, I ask myself this: Do I want my bits to contribute to the problem, or to the solution? It's that simple. In fact, I've been asking that question a lot lately. It's practically a mantra.

Do I want my drops to contribute to the problem bucket or to the solution bucket?

The folks at have made it easy for us to take baby steps toward cleaning up our planet. If you would like to see your bits add up, grab a picnic basket, your favorite tailgater goodies, and join the rally. Yeah, you're right. This is a different kind of rally, but who says we can't have some fun while we're at it? And hey, we're helping to cool the planet.

We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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Cinner said...

Kathryn, hi what can one little ole lady do, make another little ole lady do the same thing. I cleaned behind my stove the other day, and hubby did the fridge. it is amazing when we look at it instead of just is to more of us becoming the solution. have a great week.

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