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Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Good news Friday! On gratitude ...

On Good News Friday we build into our community some of the happy, playful joie d'vivre of the villagers of Ordinary. Here are two fave finds this week. I invite you to share some good news or a feel good link of your own in the comments section below.

Jeronima Ramos Honduras 2010
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I will haul water no more!

“I feel happy because I am not carrying water on my head anymore," Jeronima Ramos told, who helped her village develop and install a new water system. "I have clean water for bathing, for drinking – for everything.”

At seventy, Jeronima has hauled water every day, several times a  day, almost all of her life. Each round trip took a little more than thirty minutes. Some days, she made five trips. Jeronima no longer carries heavy jugs of water on her head. Not long ago, she threw down her jug, smashing it to bits. "I will haul water no more!"

Somewhere, one person saw the problem, got up and did something about it. Somewhere, another gave a little cash to help the first person. Other people saw a need and offered a hand. Enough individuals, working together, each doing a small part, some a larger part, have made Jeronima's last years a whole lot more comfortable. For that she gives joyous gratitude. For her happiness, for their willingness to see a need a fill it, I give gratitude.

A gift of gratitude to you

I'm posting only two entries today because I want to leave you with plenty of time to enjoy this short meditation. Deepak Shopra speaks just a bit, then goes right into the meditation. May you be deeply blessed.

Feeling good about something? Share it here!

Spread some cheer! If something struck your fancy this week, and you'd like to share, please tell us about it in the comments section, along with a link. If the link is to one of your blog posts, all the better. Do keep it upbeat, family friendly and in the spirit of building a world more like that of the Village of Ordinary. What are you feeling good about today? Share it below, won't you?

None of the web sites featured today solicited promotion, nor do I receive anything for mentioning them here, other than the pleasure of knowing about some folks who are working hard to make the world a little more like Ordinary.
We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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mrs green @ myzerowaste said...

Oh that meditation was just beautiful and right what I needed. I'm sitting here getting frustrated, procrastinating, whining about just about everything in my life and I click on your blog and sit for a couple of minutes with the wonderful Deepak Chopra (one of my favourite teachers) and now I'm smiling and full of gratitude.

A thousand thanks xx

Deb Shucka said...

I'm going to be thinking for a while about the freedom that woman must be feeling at 70, and the impact that will have on the rest of her life - just because of fresh water, which we take so for granted. Thank you.

Kathryn Grace said...

mrs green, so glad it hit the spot and thank you for telling me. It did for me when I stumbled upon it as well.

You're welcome, Deb. It's difficult to imagine the ways we are blessed, sometimes, isn't it?

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