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Friday, July 16, 2010

Good News Friday: Humbugs, a surprise party and beautiful people everywhere

On Good News Friday we build into our community some of the happy, playful joie d'vivre of the villagers of Ordinary. Here are my fave finds this week. I invite you to share some good news or a feel good link of your own in the comments section below.

Little Humbugs, protectors of nature

© Wildwood Media
Little Humbugs, created by children's book author and illustrator Marghanita Hughes, are the Protectors of Nature. Take a whirl around this gorgeous site and, if you have children in your life, read them one of the stories or print off one of the games and spend some quality time together.

You're invited to Christina's surprise party!

Happy birthday, Christina!
Today is Christina's birthday, and she's invited us all to her virtual party. What she doesn't know is that some of her cyber friends are planning a surprise. From time to time, Christina lists simple things she loves. Se'lah of Necessary Room asks us to do a post of our own about the simple things we love and pop over to Christina's page and leave her a link twith a happy birthday wish.

Now, I've never met any of these women, and only learned of Christina's blog yesterday, but when people are doing nice things to celebrate other people, that's good news, don't you think?

Seeing the beauty in ourselves and ordinary people everywhere

Michelle O'Neil of Full Soul Ahead posted this video recently, a trailer of sorts for author Karen Walrond's forthcoming book, The Beauty of Different, which has all the promise of being just the celebration of human uniqueness and beauty we would expect in the world of Ordinary. If you're like me, you'll be grinning ear to ear, as my momma likes to say, after spending two minutes watching this one. Thanks for introducing Walrond to us, Michelle!

What are you feeling good about today? Share it here!

Spread some cheer! If something struck your fancy this week, and you'd like to share, please tell us about it in the comments section, along with a link. If the link is to one of your blog posts, all the better. Do keep it upbeat, family friendly and in the spirit of building a world more like that of the Village of Ordinary. What are you feeling good about today? Share it below, won't you?

None of the web sites featured today solicited promotion, nor do I receive anything for mentioning them here, other than the pleasure of knowing about some folks who are working hard to make the world a little more like Ordinary.

We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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Hayden said...

What a gorgeous vid! Made me smile, laugh, and yes, tear up. A lovely beginning for a beautiful day.

This entire week has been permeated by the lessons experienced in my weather shamanism workshop. I'm so grateful for it, for the chance to dig deeper, to learn connectedness. To be part of the Greater Whole, to be Connected - isn't this what we are all longing for? It is a marvelous thing to live consciously in an enlivened world. I'm talking a bit about it in my blog, and will continue as the lessons settle in and find words.

Wanda said...

I have been a fan of Karen @ for years. Glad you found her. And guess what! Today is her birthday, too.

Wanda said...

PS...She's the one who got me started posting for Love Thursday.

M said...

I just started reading your blog after I noticed you on my sister's (Deb). I love you positive outlook on life. I wish everyone could see the "good" in the world's inhabitants instead of focusing on the the differences.

SE'LAH... said...

such lovely things here today.

one love.

Christina said...

this is beautiful. thank you so much, for joining in.
i love it!

Deb Shucka said...

So cool to see Michelle's name here, and that wonderful video. Humbugs is so sweet - makes me wish I had a child in my life to share it with. This Friday post is one of my favorites - I think I might say that every week, but it strikes me as wonderful that I look forward to it.

Kathryn Grace said...

Hayden, yes, learning how we are connected to one another and to the Earth and beyond is hugely important. I'm so glad you mentioned the weather workshop and how you trace your conscious living through your blog.

Wanda, I love these coincidences, don't you? I had no idea this was posted on Karen's birthday.

M, welcome. I read your blog recently from beginning to latest post. What a journey. And what courage to tell your story. May you be well and truly and completely healed. May no more children suffer what you suffered as a child. No more. Ever again. May you know the grace of forgiveness for the remainder of your days.

Se'lah, thank you for stopping by. Always a pleasure.

Christina, I'm happy to "meet" you, and you are most welcome. It has been lovely watching all the well-wishers celebrate your birthday in so many and delightful ways.

Deb, thank you for your encouraging words. I'll keep bringing happy news to the Friday posts whenever I am able to do so.

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