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Sunday, December 6, 2009

No 'poo, Day 28

Day 28
Image: © L. Kathryn Grace

The first day I ditched my empty shampoo and conditioner bottles without replacing them, my hair was a little crunchy after the baking soda wash/vinegar rinse (BS/V).

It's not unusual for my hair to look like unraveled shredded wheat, so that first day was not the disaster I had grown to expect after reading other people's experiences. My scalp felt wonderfully tingly, and my hair was soft, despite its appearance.

I'm happy to report that as I finish week four without shampoo, I don't miss it a bit. My hair looks healthier today, don't you think?

Better still, my scalp feels alive again, and I'm not sneezing in the shower or worse, nauseous due to the load of chemicals and perfumes in hair care products, which have always given me problems.

The best part about this whole no 'poo thing is that I'm not washing my hair every day. Hard to believe, but true. I was convinced when I began this experiment that I would continue to do a full wash every day. Not wash my hair? Yuk. But just as Babyslime and others predicted, once I removed the gunk and goo, I didn't need a daily wash to have vibrant hair.

Now I do the BS/V wash two or three times a week depending on need. Not only do I wash my hair less frequently, but it stays shiny, soft and lovely even if I don't wet it every day.

I give gratitude to the individuals who revived this beauty secret our grandmothers knew so well. I can take a fast shower for the first time in years. I'm saving buckets of water! Plus, I no longer pour gallons of sudsy ooze down the drain and almost directly into the Pacific Ocean.

What I thought would be a difficult experiment is quickly turning into feel-good simplicity I wish I'd discovered years ago.

I'm curious about you. Have you tried the no-shampoo method? If so, how did it work for you? Did you keep at it? Or did you miss your creamy products? If you haven't tried it, what do you think of the idea?

What other ways can you suggest that we as individuals can take personal responsibility for the material we contribute to the waste stream and most particularly to the quality of our air and water in our daily habits?


We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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Wanda said...

Looks lovely. I haven't tried it yet, but it is something I'm willing to give a go at.

Amanda said...

I been poo-free a few weeks now and i was wondering dose your hair feel different when it wet then it did when you where on poo?

Kathryn Grace said...

Yes, it does. When I used commercial products, my hair felt gloppy, even when wet, no matter how little I used or how well I rinsed. After rinsing the vinegar solution from my hair, I am always delighted by the silky feeling, even when my hair is wet. It stays silky for 2-3 days after washing. That's another thing. With commercial products, I washed my hair every single day. With this method, my hair stays cleaner longer and holds its shape better between washings.

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