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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fast food--cheaper than homemade?

Not according to the Washington Post's Sally Sampson. In Dude, It adds up, Sampson tells of her quest to prove whether commercial fast food is cheaper and tastier than the same homemade fast food. Her panel of experts: nine teenagers. Her methodology: find out what's in that popular, breakfast egg-sausage-muffin, that juicy lunch-time double-patty burger, and that cheesy, hand-tossed suppertime pizza, then replicate it at home.

Her findings: Not only did she make the fast food at home at considerable cost savings, but her teenage panel found her versions to be juicier where juicy count, crunchier where crunchy counts, and tastier all round. What's more, she delivered the goods at significant calorie savings.

Yes, Virginia, if your mama can afford to buy fast food for you, your papa can afford to fix the same thing for you at home, and it will be better for you and taste a whole lot better.

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