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Friday, October 15, 2010

Good news Friday: Water heroes making a difference on Blog Action Day 2010

Matt Damon_Gary White
Matt Damon and Gary White visit water projects in India
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Matt Damon and Gary White, cofounders of, think we can help communities worldwide get safe, clean water in our lifetime. Today is . That means bloggers, tweeters and Facebook fans all over the world are talking about water, bringing the world water crisis into focus, and making it a big part of the conversation.

Sure, I could tell you more horror stories about the 2.5 billion people (nearly half) in the world who don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Today, though, I’m focusing on people like Matt and Gary, who are part of the solution. Because this is a problem we can solve soon, and that’s good news.

Succeeding where others have failed

Around the world, is . Instead of a bunch of foreigners coming in, digging a well and leaving, involves the communities requesting assistance in every step of the process. First they train people within the community, who in turn train others, preparing them months in advance of digging the well, so they understand what they need to do to prevent disease and to keep the well running.

not only helps provide clean water, they assure the people of the village are well-trained and ready to train others. What’s more, they can provide a life-long well to a community for just $25. What’s not to celebrate about that? This eight minute video with co-founders Matt Damon (yes, that Matt Damon) and Gary White shows how it's working in India. The really interesting part, where we see villagers turning on their household taps for the first time, is about five minutes into the vid, but the whole thing is well worth your time.

When you make [people] aware of a problem this serious, but then also make them aware of a solution this practical, I think it’s in peoples’ nature to want to step up and do their part. – Matt Damon, co-founder

Did you join the conversation in some way today? It’s not too late. At the very least, you can sign the petition to support the UN’s efforts to bring clean, safe water to millions.



We make peace in a million small ways every day.

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Sharon said...

Yes. I signed the petition and reposted this on facebook, in hopes coworkers, family, friends will read this and then dig a bit deeper.

Steven Cravis said...

I did something very effective with our children regarding saving water and wanted to recommend other families try this: I told them about how a periodic water bill I pay had gone up from $60 to $100 and that from now on, whatever amount it is less than $100 I'm going to give that difference saved in $$ to them. Now they're taking very short showers, not running the water more than necessary, etc..

kario said...

I love it! I'm posting my 'water post' a day late, but hopefully it will reach out to others, too.

Wanda said...

We are all connected. I am grateful for those who are high profile who use their notoriety for good. And thank you for using this space to remind us all.

Kathryn Grace said...

Sharon, thank you! I appreciate your support tremendously.

Steven, welcome! I'm listening to your beautiful music as I respond to these comments, wondering how you found me, and grateful you did. That's a huge increase in water bill! Will be interesting over time to learn how the $$ incentive works for your family. Keep me posted on that will you, please, and any other water initiatives you take.

Kario, it's never too late to right a wrong, and you helped do that with your post today and by signing the petition. Thank you so much, too, for mentioning this post on your blog. I've read your comments on Wanda's blog for awhile now, but for some reason never popped over to read you until the other day. What a treat! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Wanda, welcome back! Yes, working in marketing years ago, I learned first hand how helpful "celebrity" can be in delivering a message. I sure am looking forward to seeing how your cold frames turn out!

Laura said...

Very nice post Kathryn. Being that so many people lack clean drinking water its a shame. The company I work with dontate to "water for people".

Water for People”, a wonderful organization dedicated to bringing safe drinking water to people all over the globe.

Anything we can do is so greatly appreciated to these people who suffer just to have safe drinking water!

Hayden said...

Great post, Kathryn. A real inspiration!

A retired guy I met through Marilyn spends every winter in south america, helping engineer/build water services in distant areas. The rest of the year he's raising money to fund the trip and the things they need.... A good guy.

Deb Shucka said...

One of the things I really appreciate about your blog is that you teach us, but always with an element of hope.

Kathryn Grace said...

Welcome, Laura. I Googled Water for People, and it looks like they too are returning to assure their projects take hold and are well maintained.

Hayden, thank you for your kind words. Does your friend work through an organization? Would love to learn more about his work.

Deb, thank you too. I have to say, it is easy to have hope when literally millions of people around the world are working to combat the poverty and inequity they find. True, it would be just as easy to despair, but there are more reasons to hope than I can count!

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