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Friday, June 11, 2010

TGIF: Good news Friday!

"Amanda" by sculptor Sy Meadow
on Amanda's Trail in Yachats, OR
Image courtesy Greg Scott

Good news Friday is about building some of the happy, playful joie d'vivre  of the villagers of Ordinary into our community.

During the week, whenever I find good news, a delightful tale or something that pulls a full belly laugh from me, or maybe just a giggle, I'll grab the link and save it to share here on Friday. Because we're all so busy, I'll limit my share to just three each week. That way, we'll all have more time to read some of your glad finds, which I invite you to share.

Get in on the fun
Spread some good cheer! If something struck your fancy this week, and you'd like to share, please tell us about it in the comments section, along with a link. If the link is to one of your blog posts, all the better. Do keep it upbeat, family friendly and in the spirit of building a world more like that of the Village of Ordinary.

My three top feel-goods this week

Amanda's Trail.  Two divergent cultures meet on the Oregon Coast to build a trail in the bloody footsteps of a young blind woman and her people. The sculpture in the image above is a tribute to that woman, Amanda, a member of the Coos Tribe. The story of the new trail, the tribute and the work to heal a 146 year legacy of suffering is the feel-good part. Here's Amanda's story, but I warn you, it doesn't feel good.

Morning Earth and artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Grab a cuppa and spend a few minutes with the tantalizingly fleeting artworks of Andy Goldsworthy, a Morning Earth artist/naturalist. If  you like what you see, treat yourself every  morning to a joyous celebration of earth and life through the poets and artists of Morning Earth. John Caddy, Morning Earth creator, says, "We all arrive equipped to create art. Art-making is as natural to our kind as spirit." This treasure included with gratitude to Twitter's @jbiesenberger (Josef Biesenberger).

Need a boost? Watch Nick Vujicic.  Sometimes the seeming futility of working every day, using my limited talents and abilities to change massive world problems sucks the passion right out of me. Sometimes the cruelty in the world eats at my heart. A quick dose of Nick Vujicic's smiling face, which we first viewed here, sets me to right in no time. I give gratitude to Twitter's @Elder_Nurse and @KatieBichon for pointing me to Mindfully Change and this new video that had me sobbing out loud--in a good way. All I can say after watching it is, How dare any of us waste our time and energy thinking we're not good enough, we have nothing to contribute and the world can't be saved? Next time you're feeling low, watch this and get moving.

What are you feeling good about today? Share it below, won't you?
We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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Hayden said...

a great post, thanks for these links.

personally, I feel that empowering myself and others is far more crucial to change than anything else. we feel - instinctively perhaps - that we are too small, just a tiny piece of the puzzle. Understanding and becoming excited about how we CAN impact things positively by what we do - not just what we don't do - matters. It's hard to fight for change when you are feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelm is my biggest enemy.

Wanda said...

Oh, thank God for good news! I'm all for this.

Deb Shucka said...

It was so exciting to see Nick here. I don't know him personally, but I've seen his work and his movie and think he's an angel on earth. My brother got hugged by him and says it changed his life.

Today I'm happy for the peace and freedom and stillness of this moment.

Pam said...

Hi Kathryn! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.Nick Vujicic's clip is inspiring, and like the students he engaged, I found myself emotional and in awe and wonder at his fortitude and courage.I have enjoyed reading back through your previous posts and relate to your love of all things compost. My latest textile piece is a a tribute to this much loved piece of my garden. I'm sure you will enjoy seeing the piece eventually (with its fat little squirmy worms!) on Textilosophy. Today I am happy for the nubby pink busyness of garden worms and rich dark soil...and delightful school gardens such as you've featured in Ordinary.

Kathryn Grace said...

Hayden, thank you for your insightful comments. Empowering ourselves and each other is a cornerstone value of the Village of Ordinary. Everything is built on that foundation. Your blog is a prime example of that principle, for as you learn, you teach the rest of us.

Wanda, whose photographs and words are rich in inspiration and goodness, thanks for the giggle!

Deb, if you care to, and it is possible to share, I'd love to learn how Nick's hug changed your brother's life. I am sure it would be an inspiring story for all of us. Perhaps it could be a Good News Friday guest post, if you're interested.

Pam, welcome. I enjoyed my romp through your blog-garden and was enchanted with your lovely creations, especially how you let some of them return to the earth, first decorating your garden, then feeding it. I've added you to my "Good Reads" list in the sidebar so I can find you whenever I need a restorative break.

Sharon L. Grace said...

I absolutely LOVE TGIF! Now I have a new place to go when, at work, I need a hopeful moment. Thank you Kate!

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