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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Water Wednesday Action: Stop an Arctic repeat of the BP Gulf oil disaster

Watch this. It's short enough. While you're watching, imagine how such a spill could affect us all if it occurred in the Arctic. The United States expects to begin drilling there in July. Unless we stop it. This is a #WaterWednesday call to action. I'd wager you'll understand the need in less than the 3 minutes 41 seconds it takes to view the vid.

Even as BP's oil continues to spew unabated into the Gulf of Mexico, Shell is pushing forward with plans for exploratory drilling off Alaska's arctic coast. If Shell gets its way, drilling will begin as early as July [emphasis added].

We can stop it, but we must act this moment
Follow the "Join us ..." link--It will take only a minute

Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior for the Obama administration, has the authority to stop Shell in its tracks.  Join us in making sure he does so.

Neither the disaster unfolding in the Gulf nor the one that is imminent in Alaska are necessary to maintain a strong economy. Renewables like wind and solar, paired with energy efficiency, have the potential to meet all of our energy needs. We are calling for an immediate stop to new offshore oil drilling.

Thank you, Greenpeace. You said it all so much better than I could.

UPDATE May 27, 2010: According to CBS today:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says in a report to be delivered to the White House on Thursday that he will not consider applications for permits to drill in the Arctic until 2011. Shell Oil was to begin exploratory drilling there this summer.

This gives us a reprieve, but does not stop the drilling. We must continue to voice our opposition to putting our environment and ourselves at risk when there are so many renewable resources available to us. Stay tuned.

Have you been following the oil spill? Did you take a moment to Tell Secretary Salazar to Just Say "No" to Shell's Alaska Drilling? What more can you and I do to ensure nothing like this happens again?

We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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bradzio said...

Thanks for the post. I had no idea about Shell's plan. As awf.ul as the Gulf Coast oil disaster is, I think it has opened people's eyes to the dangers of drilling. I overheard a conversation where someone said "Now I get why people have been fighting drilling here in California." Here's hoping

Hayden said...

What I don't understand is that I keep hearing there's a moratorium on drilling - and then the follow-up, naming names/locations, that new drilling is still happening. Crazy.

robinbird said...

thank you for coming over to my blog for a visit. i love your name...kathryn grace...i appreciated watching the video. it helps people to realize how reckless we are as humans and what it means to be responsible to the entire world.

dutchbaby said...

This oil spill is devastating and I don't understand why the media hasn't turned up the heat on this story until recently. I commend you for doing this post. Thanks for your visit to Dutchbaby.

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